Thoracic & Facet Injections

Thoracic Interlaminar Epidural Steroid Injection
A Thoracic Interlaminar Epidural Steroid Injection is a treatment for any upper body pain experienced when you move. If you are experiencing pain traveling from the front of the chest when the upper or mid back is move, you may benefit from a Thoracic Interlaminar ESI. Read more here

Thoracic Medial Branch Block
Patients experiencing chronic upper and mid back pain might benefit from consulting with Dr. Bespaly about possible Thoracic Medial Branch Block treatment. Targeting the thoracic facet joints that connect the vertebrae, this treatment potentially relieves pain between the beck and low back. Those suffering from thoracic joint pain may experience moderate to severe muscle tension or severe pain that lasts over the course of two months. Read more here

Thoracic Facet Injection
The thoracic region of the back and low back contains twelve vertebrae responsible for connecting both sides of the spine. If a thoracic facet joint is injured the patient will experience muscle tension or severe pain from the neck all the way down to the hip region. The pain can be experienced in the form of muscle tension or severe pain. The root cause may either be a damaged or injured cartilage inside the joint of injured connecting ligaments. Read more here