Ketamine Infusions for fibromyalgia, chronic pain and depression. 

• Treats a broad range of painful physical and psychological conditions
• Affordable care
• Trustworthy, friendly and professional staff. 
• Wheelchair accessible
• Parking lot
• Coffee, tea or water available
• Clean treatment rooms and a very nice bathroom. 
• Accepts cash and credit

Michael Bespaly, MD is an expert in pain management and anesthesiology. I suffered from severe pain all over my body from spinal problems, fibromyalgia, and hard to treat depression. The reason my rating is 5/5 is since my Ketamine IV infusions started I have had an extreme decrease in pain by 70 to 100%. My depression and sadness have gone away by 80% to 100%.. 

All a new patient needs is to provide proof identity, medical diagnosis records and fill out paperwork to get started. Your caretaker may also help you with appointments or filling out paperwork. Dr. Michael Bespaly will find the right amount of treatment for you. The payments are affordable and they take cash or credit/debit. The treatment is relaxing and not painful at all. My best advice is to drink a lot of water before treatments and have an open mind. Ask a good friend or relative to help you get home safely after Ketamine IV infusions. You can bring your loved one with you. That is optional. Please make sure the person going with you or picking you up is supportive. You want your experience to be uplifting from beginning to end. You will not be able to drive after the procedure. After the first procedure the appointment coordinator will check in with you to see how you feel, and whether the Ketamine therapy is working. If it is working then more appointments will be allowed at Dr. Michael Bespaly's discretion. Remember that you have a 70% success rate on your side. 

The therapy takes place in a private comfortable room. The nurse and staff assist you in getting to your room and there is a wheelchair if needed. There are no stairs. You can lay on a pillow and get a blanket. You can listen to music, and have a choice of the  lights down low, or off.. Dr. Michael will monitor you during treatment to make sure you are safe and comfortable. 


This was my last resort. I was in so much pain and my life was in shambles after trying so many medicines and talk therapy that just brought back painful memories. Many medications did not work or had severe side effects and I could no longer take them. I have not worked for over a year. I am a Senior in College and had to drop out this term. 

The treatments have really helped me start to create a better life for myself and my loved ones. I handle stress and changes much better. I am less susceptible to the temperature. I eat healthier. I am creating a diet specific to my nutritional needs. I am able to leave my house now for an entire day and resist the urge to nap more than 3 times per week.  I started my plan slowly and now I'm back to stretching and doing therapeutic exercises for my conditions. I'm doing fun things with my friends. I am getting things done instead of laying around in pain, unable to hardly move. I feel so much better about myself and my future. Thank you Michael Bespaly, MD and the coordinators for being calm and happy, yet professional at the same time. 

Why be trapped in physical or psychological pain when you could feel much better in just a few treatments? For more information call or go to to their website and read over all of the conditions successfully treated and other therapies or procedures offered.  Read about Ketamine IV therapy today.