How to Choose a Ketamine Clinic | How to Find the Best Ketamine Clinic

Ketamine clinics are rapidly gaining popularity across the country, providing access to a promising and effective treatment for depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. IV ketamine effectively improves depressive symptoms in more than 70% of patients – when administered by an expert under the right conditions. Though ketamine is FDA approved as an anesthetic, it has not yet been approved for the treatment of depression. Because of this reason, ketamine clinics are privately owned and operated, making it difficult to choose one that is credible and highly-rated.


Consider these factors when looking for the best ketamine clinic in Oregon City:

Will your physician or mental healthcare practitioner recommend a ketamine clinic?

Ask your primary care physician or mental healthcare provider which Oregon City ketamine clinics are most reputable. Starting with a recommendation from a professional you know and trust is your best bet.

Who will be administering your ketamine infusion? 

Ketamine infusions are best administered by a licensed physician or anesthesiologist, and monitored by a nurse or nurse practitioner – someone with credentials in basic life support and medication administration.

How expensive are the ketamine infusions? Are you required to purchase multiple ketamine infusions at once? 

Choosing a ketamine clinic based on price alone is never a good strategy, though you'll want to watch out for a few red flags: if a clinic is charging much higher per infusion than other competing ketamine clinics, then something is off. The average cost of a ketamine infusions is between $400 and $800. At Spine Intervention Clinic, our cost is $385 per infusion – without any sacrifice to quality.

Also watch out for clinics that require you to purchase multiple ketamine infusions at once. Most reputable clinics will charge for only one ketamine infusion at a time.

Finally, be wary of hidden fees. We offer a free consultation to new patients wanting to learn more about ketamine infusions for depression or chronic pain. However, many clinics charge for the initial consultation, so don't assume it will be free!

How far are you willing to travel – in Oregon City and beyond – for ketamine infusions? 

Our Oregon City ketamine clinic is accessible from both the city proper and the surrounding suburbs. Ketamine clinics are becoming more popular in cities and towns across the country – finding the ones closest to you and compare them.


The following practices are unacceptable, and you should avoid any ketamine clinic that employs them:

  • High ketamine infusion cost – anything upwards of the $400-800 national average
  • Untested ketamine infusion protocols; make sure your clinic uses protocols that are supported by nationally acknowledged statistics and data
  • Wasteful (and expensive!) testing procedures; don't have a test done if it isn’t required by the National Institute of Mental Health
  • Requiring any other form of health treatment in conjunction with your ketamine infusions
  • False or over-exaggerated claims about how effective ketamine infusions can be for the treatment of depression and chronic pain 
  • Lack of understanding about how ketamine infusions work to treat depression and chronic pain

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn't. You should feel absolutely comfortable with whatever ketamine clinic you ultimately choose.


If you need help choosing the right ketamine clinic in Oregon City or other areas of Oregon, contact us using the brief form below. We offer a completely free, no obligation consultation to new patients and are happy to answer questions and address concerns about ketamine for depression.

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