Ketamine for Chronic Pain: The Impact of Sleep on Chronic Pain & How Ketamine Infusions Could Help

Those suffering from fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions are only too familiar with the vicious cycle: pain makes it difficult to sleep, and sleep deprivation makes the pain worse. And around it goes.

The connection between sleep and pain has been of interest to medical researchers for many years. Recent studies connect poor sleep with the activation of glial cells in the brain. These immune cells, when activated, produce inflammatory factors that aggravate pain pathways. These cells are oftentimes activated by—you guessed it—lack of sleep, or poor quality of sleep.

Now, with this discovery of the connection between sleep, pain and these glial cells, researchers have turned their attention towards finding glial cell inhibitors that may act as a chronic pain or fibromyalgia treatment. Ketamine, because of its ability to reduce pain and treat depression, has made the list of potentially effective sleep drugs.

This research is still very much in its infancy. The functioning mechanism through which glial cells impact pain are still unclear, and whether or not a glial cell inhibitor could help eliminate pain and improve the symptoms of fatigue that manifest in fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions is something only time will tell.

It’s exciting to see ketamine emerge as a potential glial cell inhibitor. This wonder drug has brought hope to so many hopeless conditions. Ketamine is a powerful treatment for depression,anxiety, PTSD, psychiatric disorders, alcoholism & addiction, CRPS, migraine headaches, Lyme disease…and the list goes on.

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